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12:12 PM

Water Safety: 4 Rules and How To Keep Your Child Safe

May is National Water Safety Month. We know that water safety is important, and one of our main goals is to help children to become comfortable and safe in the water. In our lessons, we teach children about the properties of water and how their bodies react to the water as well as instilling proper swim skills. This knowledge will help swimmers become water safe.

However, learning these skills takes time. No one becomes a proficient swimmer overnight. It can take months or years to become a good swimmer; it all depends on the child and how they learn. Like most skills, learning to swim is a process, and isn’t always fast.

It may take time to learn swimming skills, but learning pool rules is quick and easy. We work with our swimmers to learn pool rules and how to be safe in the pool environment. Here are a few rules we work on in our lessons:

1. Always swim with a buddy. Swimming alone is dangerous. We teach our swimmers learn to have an adult (parent, babysitter, lifeguard, swim teacher, etc) with them while they are in the water.

2. Swim in a safe area. Make sure children know where the deep water begins and always make sure a lifeguard is supervising the area.

3. Walk, walk, walk! Being at the pool is exciting, and children get carried away. You’ll often hear our instructors saying, “Walk!” whenever they see a child running.

4. Look before you leap. Jumping into water is a favorite activity at the pool. We want children to make sure no one and nothing (pool toys, kick boards, etc) is in the way before jumping or diving.

Our goal is to create a water safe, independent swimmer, but we can’t do that without the help of parents. We need your help to help reinforce these rules and skills. Swim lessons and floaties are not a substitute for proper supervision. Spend time talking to your children about being in the water and how they can have fun while being safe. Encourage them to try new things and broaden their horizons. Next week, we’ll have a few tips on what you can do with your child this summer to strengthen their swimming skills.


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