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A $35 per family Registration Fee every 12 months

  • Group lessons: $60 per month
  • Semi Private Lessons: $83 per swimmer per month
  • Private Lessons: $118 per month

We offer a 10% sibling discount, applied to the least expensive lesson type. Meadowbrook Seasonal Family Memberships will also receive a 15% discount each month, applied to the least expensive lesson type.


First charges include the Registration Fee and the pro rated amount for the first month. A credit card is required for this first payment. Payment is made for the exact number of classes left in the month. The auto pay system using a credit card ( VISA, MC,Discover, AMEX) or by setting up an ACH payment with your bank. Billing occurs on the first of each month for the appropriate amount according to the type of lesson.


If you decide to “take a break” you must complete a Cancellation Form 30 days in advance.



Instructor requests for private and semi private lessons are available. Although we will try our best to fill requests, this is only a request. If the requested instructor is not available or you did not request an instructor, a certified Michael Phelps Swim School instructor will be provided for you. At the time of registration, the more flexible you are the easier it is for us to schedule your lesson. 


Make Ups

We will not be offering make ups for our group lessons. We feel that children learn best when they attend their regularly scheduled class. We encourage families to attend weekly. In the case of a medical issue we will give you a credit for a missed class. To receive the credit, a doctors note must be presented, please include the class day and time. If an instructor cannot teach a class we will have another trained and experienced MPSS Instructor teach the class.


We will be offering make ups for Private and Semi Private lessons. If an instructor has to miss a Private or Semi Private lesson you will be given a make up lesson at a mutually agreed upon time. If you miss a private or semi private lesson you will be eligible for credit for one missed lesson from September 2016 – December 2016,  January 2017 – May 2017 and June – August 2017.  Medical excuses follow the same protocol as group lessons.


Please note: in a semi private, in order to be eligible for a credit both parties must miss the lesson.


Cancellations by MPSwim School

If we have to close the pool for any reason, you will receive a credit for the missed class. If an instructor misses a class he/she will find an experienced Michael Phelps Swim School instructor to teach the class. If your instructor must miss a private or semi private lesson you will be given a credit.



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