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Our History

Welcome to Michael Phelps Swimming Michael Phelps is passionate about growing the sport of swimming and getting more children in the water. As a child, he learned to swim in a school in North Baltimore, called North Baltimore Swim School. It was there that he learned water safety and overcame his fear of water. Now, after many accomplishments, both in and out of the water, he is able to invest in the very program that taught him. A program he fully supports and believes in. This swim school gives Michael a direct opportunity to reach his personal goals for the sport, while giving back to the community.


NBSS, A 30-Year History Of Success

The foundation of this program launched nearly 30 years ago, under the name North Baltimore Swim School (NBSS). Leveraging her degree’s in child psychology and early childhood education, Cathy Lears (now Cathy Bennett) developed a program that focused on comfort and feeling-of-the-water. First, the program was conducted out of Timonium, MD, but the program was expanded to Meadowbrook in 1995, when the indoor aquatic facility was completed.


Over the next 13 years, the program continued to grow in size, continuously evolving the the scope of the program to match the changing needs of the students, while keeping up with the latest trends in child safety and health. NBSS also picked up 3 “Best Of Baltimore” awards along the way. In 2009, Michael Phelps returned to Baltimore, with Coach Bob Bowman, and began to invest in his dream, to grow the sport of swimming and get more children in the water.


In the fall of 2009, Michael began to make his dream a reality, teaming up with NBSS to grow the program and offer best-in-class instruction.


History of Sucess

  • Highlights Of The ProgramFounded nearly 30 years ago by Cathy Lears Bennett, current program director.
  • Michael Phelps was a student in the early 90’s.
  • Awarded “Best Of Baltimore” 3 times since 2002.
  • Have instructed nearly 30,000 people of all ages and abilities, since inception.
  • Have consistently instructed 1,500+ unique participants per year since 2004.
  • The original Meadowbrook site operates an 50+ hours of instruction per week.
  • Small group class sizes of 6.

All MPS instructors are knowledgeable on the fundamentals of the curriculum, focusing on Balance, Buoyancy, Body Position, and Breathing, and are taught this in a proprietary 2 day course.


Points Of Differentiation

This swim school has a proven track record of success, built from focusing on the participant and their individual needs. Recognizing that everyone is different, and has different “goals” in the water, is a fundamental principle of our program. This personal touch and attention, that each participant receives, is something that we will continue to make a top priority with each new site. This is the core of what makes us different from other swim instruction programs, in addition to our number of class offerings, our different levels of instruction, our staff, and the level of service we provide. MPS takes pride in providing it’s participants with the level of instruction they desire, at times that fit there schedule, from instructors they trust, under a brand they love.

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