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Michael Phelps has done, and will continue to do more for the sport of swimming then anyone in the history of the sport.


Did you know that participation in the sport of swimming grew 29.6% between 2000 (Michael's first Olympic Games) and 2010?*


And that after the 2008 games, participation in the sport of swimming grew 11.3%?*


The demand for swimming instruction, that is generated (year-after-year) by Michael, is being captured all across the globe; and as an affiliate of Michael's swim school, you will have the unique advantage of being associated directly with this source of growth.


You will be able to leverage the branding and association, to capture a larger share of demand then the average swim school in your geography.


Some of the benefits of becoming an MPSS affiliate include:

1. Rights to use MPSS trademark, branding, and logo
2. Rights to use the MPSS philosophies, curriculum, and teaching materials
3. 1 two-day training session for all staff
4. Non-compete exclusivity on location address
5. Press Release announcing partnership
6. Inclusion on MPSS website and integration into social media messaging (through MPSS FB page and Twitter)
7. (1) speedo swim suit — MPSS branded — per instructor (up to 5)
8. Other binders, templates, waivers, brochures, etc. — "program materials"
9. Ongoing consulting from MPSS (business development, marketing, operations)

 *Source: USA Swimming, General Membership Statistics for 2000-2008


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