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Tips For Parents

A few words about Get Wet

Get Wet is our introductory class for children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years old. At 3 years old, we believe that children will do well in a class without a parent. Until  that time we want the support and loving nature of a parent or caregiver experiencing the water with the child.


In the Get Wet class we hope

  • To provide an opportunity for an adult and young child to have a good time together in the water.
  • To educate the parents as to how to work with their child in the water.
  • To show the parents how to experience new things with the young child and to provide a lot of positive reinforcement from a “relaxed” parent.
  • To physically give children a basic understanding of the properties of water.

Because of the age range, each child will come away with different skills. We will allow each child to develop as they choose with a nudging from us and the parent. We will promote and teach the good practices of breath control, buoyancy, balance, and body position. Our intent is for each child to have an opportunity to enjoy the water with someone who loves them which will make an easy transition to lessons with an instructor and no parent. 

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