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Doing the Rocketship Swim (and other skills to be excited about this summer)

We have a talented and smart group of swimmers at the Michael Phelps Swim School. The Meadowbrook Aquatic and Fitness Center opens this weekend for summer members, and we wanted to know which swimming skill our swimmers are excited to practice this summer. Here is what they had to say:


“Butterfly and Backstroke.”

“Freestyle arms with breathing.”

“This summer I will practice moving my arms and legs.”



“Doing the rocketship swim (when I’m doing the streamline underwater).”

Sounds like a busy group of kiddos! It is rewarding to hear our swimmers this excited to practice their strokes and skills. This excitement is why our program exists. We want our kids to have fun and get excited about swimming. One of our instructors was recently told by a parent that their 5 year old son came home after lessons and said, “Mom! I swim fast - just like Michael Phelps!” Mom thought it was cute, but we think it’s awesome.

Whether your child is excited about doing a rocketship swim or swimming fast like Michael Phelps this summer, have fun.

And keep us posted on what your family is doing this summer. We’d love to hear what you’re up to.

Need some tips on how to sharpen your child’s swim skills? Read this post. Brush up on water safety here. Learn more about swim group lessons and summer pool memberships by calling Meadowbrook at 410.433.8300.


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